how it works

For thousands of years, hidden alien spacecraft have been able to read the thoughts of any person on earth, and by using mind control, they have been able to transmit secret orders directly to anyone’s brain, and compel them to do their will..

When one of the alien spacecraft crashed in Roswell New Mexico in 1948, the U.S.Shadow Government was able to reverse engineer the alien equipment, and put their own satellites in orbit. In the 1950’s the CIA perfected the science of mind control through their remote viewing program. Today, groups like the Bilderburgers and the Illuminati are able to read your mind and control your thoughts in the same way.

I spent years studying the secret journals of Don Quixote, Nicoli Tesla, and other researchers to decode the mysteries. I was able to apply the DiVinci Code algorithm to the secret journals of Don Quixote to discover the exact science of the tin-foil hat, including the remarkable shape of the brim, which is the essential design element that makes the tin-foil hat work. This design is unique! Others have created their own designs, but the Don Quixote design is the only one that works! Accept no substitutes!!!

My testing proves that tin-foil effectively shields your brain from alien transmissions, and from mind-probes currently in use by both our alien overlords and from the U.S.Shadow Government. Despite the disinformation campaigns of the shadow government, my heuristic testing algorithms also prove beyond a doubt that aluminum-foil is just as effective as tin-foil.

II also discovered, quite by accident, that a faraday cage made from copper mesh offers double protection. So our premium hat includes copper mesh shielding between two layers of premium tin-foil.

Did you every wonder why flocks of birds always choose to sit on overhead wires above a highway? My research has revealed that they are not birds at all, but tiny flying robots engineered by the shadow government to spy on us. They have the ability to break off from the flock and follow anyone, and in addition, they can read your thoughts and through mind control, can compel you to do big brother’s will.. Unless of course, you are protected by a tin-foil hat!